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JJK Kitties Acrylic Keychain | Jujutsu Kaisen

JJK Kitties Acrylic Keychain | Jujutsu Kaisen

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♡ Jujutsu Kaisen as kitties!

☆ Yuji Itadori / Sukuna
☆ Megumi Fushiguro
☆ Nobara Kugisaki
☆ Satoru Gojo

☆ Clear acrylic
☆ Double sided
☆ Rose gold star clasp.
☆ Shattered-glass holographic on both sides.
☆ Approximately 2 inches on the longer side (charm only)
☆ Colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor.

★ Standard Keychains ★
☆ The highest quality offered, but may have minor imperfections such as, but not limited to:
☆ Light scratches
☆ Edges of the charm may be foggy or contain visible texture/air bubbles

★ Seconds Keychains ★
☆ These keychains may have more noticeable flaws. They will be sold at a slight discount. Flaws vary with each keychain, such as but not limited to:
☆ Visible smudges, scratches, marks, misprints, small dents
☆ Slight sharp edges
☆ Large/excessive air bubbles in in the middle of the charm

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