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Relatable Bunny Work Life Phone Acrylic Shaker Keychain

Relatable Bunny Work Life Phone Acrylic Shaker Keychain

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♡ This adorable phone shaped shaker captures the everyday relatable experiences of bunny navigating the challenges of balancing school and work!

Please be aware that the edges of the shaker charms may look foggy or have visible texture as a result of the acrylic sides being adhered during manufacturing. This is present in all shaker charms. Also please note that there might be lose sequins outside the shaking area.

☆ Clear acrylic
☆ Rose gold flower clasp.
☆ Main charm is approx 2.5x1.75 inches.
☆ 4 mini moving charms inside, each approx 0.5x0.5 inches.
☆ Rainbow holographic sequins
☆ Colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor.

★ Standard Keychains ★
☆ The highest quality offered, but may have minor imperfections such as, but not limited to:
☆ Light scratches
☆ Edges of the charm may be foggy or contain visible texture/air bubbles

★ Seconds Keychains ★
☆ These keychains may have more noticeable flaws. They will be sold at a slight discount. Flaws vary with each keychain, such as but not limited to:
☆ Visible smudges, scratches, marks, misprints, small dents
☆ Slight sharp edges
☆ Large/excessive air bubbles in in the middle of the charm

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