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Bunny Lightbulb Hard Enamel Pin

Bunny Lightbulb Hard Enamel Pin

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☪ Adorable Bunny in a lightbulb, symbolizing the spark of creativity and the joy that comes from embracing unique ideas!

☆ Hard enamel pin
☆ Rose gold plating
☆ Approx 1.25 inches in height and 1 inch in width.
☆ Colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor.

★ Standard Pins ★
☆ The highest quality offered, but may have minor imperfections such as, but not limited to:
☆ Light scruffs, scratches, smudges, buff marks
☆ Small dents
☆ Slight discoloration
☆ Low/over filled enamel in small areas
☆ Small bubbles, dust specks, dots, fuzz, etc in enamel

★ Seconds Pins ★
☆ These pins may have more noticeable flaws, but are still great for everyday wear! They will be sold at a slight discount.
☆ Flaws vary with each pin, such as but not limited to:
☆ Visible dents, scruffs, scratches, marks, smudges, discoloration
☆ Low/over filled enamel in large areas
☆ Missing/chipped enamel in small areas
☆ Excessive air bubbles
☆ Significant oxidation of metal

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